X-ray Diagnosis

new_1 Dental X-ray diagnosis is only the initial phase of treatment. X-ray diagnosis creates a possibility to see and diagnose the diseases which cannot be detected during a routine examination as well as to control various stages of treatment.

Due to the enhancement of modern technologies the following options of the X-ray diagnosis are at use today:

  • X-ray diagnosis by radiovisiography.
  • Orthopantomogram.
  • 3D- diagnosis.

Compared to the conventional X-ray equipment, radiovisiography provides clearer and more complete images. Radiovisiography sensor is very sensitive therefore the level of its radiation is hundred times lower. Orthopantomogram provides a single image of jaw and teeth,new_2 which allows making a diagnosis of the oral cavity on the basis of studies of tooth structure, tooth arrangement on jaw, presence of changed pathology.
The application of innovative technology – 3D tomography – provides an opportunity to create a 3D image of teeth, which is a three-dimensional virtual model. 3D image offers maximum possible information on tooth structure and others tissues.


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