3Dent Dental Center is the only dental clinic in the republic with the orthopedic dentistry already digitized.3shape_trios_eng

With the application of 3Shape Trios Color intraoral scanner produced by 3Shape Company – a leader of the industry for more than a decade – 3Dent Dental Center has obtained another possibility of making a step forward and delivering unique services.

3ShapeTrios intraoral scanner is an edge-cutting technology, applied in 3Dent Dental Center, which saves time both for the patient and the doctor creating an opportunity of avoiding the unpleasant and complicated procedure of traditional measuring.
What is a 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner?
Intraoral scanners substitute measurement materials and enable receiving 3D format digital measurements (stamps), which in their turn provide a unique opportunity to avoid the uncomfortable and complicated procedure of traditional measuring, to save time both for the patient and the doctor, to instantly determine the tooth color, to acquire the accuracy and quality, which cannot be achieved by the traditional method.


1. The measurement (stamp) is taken via scanning of the oral cavity (powder and aerosol-free). There is no longer the need to keep the hardening measurement material in the mouth which is extremely unpleasant for the patient and often causes vomiting.
2. Digital images are acquired within a few minutes and the soft copies are immediately sent to the laboratory.
3. The future construction is modeled by means of a computer program and further milled by CAD/CAM system, thus excluding occurrence of errors throughout the process. The measurement materials, which tend to deposit, are not applied. The treatment requires a few days. The need for the adjustment of the construction is reduced to minimum and additional grinding in the mouth cavity is no more required.

Launch of 3Shape Trios intraoral scanner has proved to become a turning point in the Republic of Armenia converting the traditional orthopedic dentistry to digital.


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