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20 Oct 2014

A diet for teeth


Fans of fast-food and sweets must take caution since their teeth are most vulnerable to decay. Fatty foods, carbonated drinks and sweets must be substituted by vegetables and fruits, natural yogurts and kefir.

Unfortunately, the probability of constantly sticking to the teeth “diet” is very low, though, there are methods which can help reduce the chances of spoiling the teeth. The most important thing you can do after eating a wrong meal is to free your teeth from the harmful bacteria. The most effective way of doing so is to use a spray. It kills the harmful bacteria.

The things your teeth like:

Dairy, fish, vegetables, fruit, black bread, toothpaste.
The things your teeth don’t like:

Sweets and sugar, tough food, kernels, walnut peel, crackers, lack of care.




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